Uncommon Reasons Why You Might Receive A Traffic Ticket

Most folks understand that they're at risk for a ticket if they're travelling at high speeds. What they aren't always aware of are the dozens of other violations that they might inadvertently commit over the course of a typical car ride. There are dozens of minor violations that you might not know about--all of which could earn you a fine or a trip to court.

You probably won't be able to memorize the entire list of traffic laws in your state. However, knowing about some of them can keep you out of trouble and help to make your daily drives a little safer.

Failure To Use Turn Signal

Often the cause of road rage on roads across the country, motorists who fail to use their turn signal can be annoying. They can also be subject to a ticket. Many states, such as Oregon, have laws on the books that require motorists to use their turn signal consistently.

This law doesn't just apply to turns. Drivers are required to signal for lane changes for a reasonable distance before executing the move--often 200 feet or more. So, do yourself a favor and develop your turn signal habit. 

Improper Horn Use

Your car's horn is a great way to warn other cars and pedestrians of dangerous situations. It's also a great way to let people know that you're angry at them. In fact, it's probably likely that you've used your horn more frequently to sound your displeasure than to avoid an accident.

This is, technically speaking, against the law. States such as Florida have laws on the books regarding the unnecessary use of your car's horn. As a result, you might elect to use less audible methods for communicating your frustration when on the road.

Tying Pets To Car Racks

Like the Griswold's dog in the movie "Vacation," pets and cars don't often work well together. If you have a particularly unruly dog who doesn't ride in the car very well, you might have considered tying them to your roof rack. Probably not, but apparently this happens frequently enough to create a law in Alaska.

More importantly, it's good to know that there are regulations about how you use your roof rack. Load size and method of securing the cargo are all factors that could land you in trouble. If you're going to carry a load of luggage on your roof, make sure you know what is required by your state.

The best rule of thumb is this--if it makes your trip safer, it might be a law. Even if it isn't, safe driving mandates that we look at our automobile use from time to time and make sure that we're doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our passengers and other motorists.

Whether it's because you didn't know the law or the officer was overreacting, if you've received a ticket that you think is unfounded, contact a local traffic violation lawyer from a firm like Hogan-Kimrey LLP Attorneys At Law