3 Ways To Prove Your Slip And Fall Injury Case During Discovery

Being a victim of any type of injury can be challenging. The time it takes to recover, the amount of medical bills and time that is lost from work can simply be too much. You may need to file a lawsuit against the property owner to receive money for your losses. Knowing the ways to help prove your slip and fall case during the discovery stage of civil litigation may help strengthen your case.

Written interrogatories

Both the plaintiff and the defendant will receive a list of questions that must be answered. These must pertain to the case and typically includes 25 questions.

Listed below are some inquires you may expect as the plaintiff in a slip and fall injury:

1. Did you have permission to be on the property?

2. Were there any signs that warned you of potentially dangerous flooring?

3. Were you alone when you accident occurred?

4. What was the date and time of your slip and fall injury?

5. Were you taking any medication that could have impacted your balance?

6. Were you intoxicated when the accident occurred?

7. What reason did you have for being on the property in the first place?

The deposition

You may be required to meet with the defendant's attorney and answer any questions that are asked of you regarding the slip and fall accident. The deposition is a critical part of your case, and you will be sworn in under oath to ensure you are truthful at all times.

Additionally, a court reporter will transcribe the meeting, and it may be entered into a court if your case proceeds to this level.

Request for production documents

The time, to provide written proof of your case, is during this stage of the discovery process.

Listed below are ways to prove your case:

1. The amount of your medical expenses by providing copies of your bills for recovery.

2. A letter from your employer stating the amount of lost wages you have incurred due to your inability to work.

3. Additional expenses, such as travel to your doctors' appointments and overnight lodging to do so if this is required.

Finally, being able to prove your slip and fall case will help you potentially recover your losses. Be sure to consult with a personal injury attorney at places like Jackson, Mays & Associates LLC who can answer any legal questions you may have and guide you through the discovery stage.