You've Remarried, But It Turns Out Your Divorce Wasn't Final. What Now?

You're freaking out because you just discovered that your divorce was never actually finalized -- and you've been remarried for several years. What happens now? Unless your ex is likely to start fighting the divorce at this point, you shouldn't have any trouble overcoming this legal technicality. However, you may need to get legally married again. It's Not All That Uncommon You might be surprised to learn that finding out a divorce was never finalized happens relatively often.

Keeping Legal Documentation Safe Via Email Storage

Whether you're trying to preserve pictures from the events of your injury or a confession from a legal opponent, keeping your documentation and evidence safe may be harder than expected. Lost paperwork, corrupted files or even theft can make your case a bit harder to prove. With a few information saving and distribution techniques, your documents can persist through most troubles. Public And Low Security Options For Ease Of Access

3 Amazing Ways Normal People Get Arrested For Drug Possession

Average people assume they will never face drug charges. It's those guys caught in a back alley with a needle stuck in their arms or someone smuggling kilograms of narcotics across the border, who go to jail, right? In reality, everyday people come in contact with law enforcement on suspicion of drug possession. Here are three ways that normal Americans may unwittingly be arrested for possessing controlled substances. 1. Prescription Error