Should I Hire A Lawyer For A Traffic Violation?

Have you recently heard commercials or read ads that state a lawyer can beat any traffic violation in court? Do you have a stack of unpaid tickets that you simply don't know what do to with? Hiring a lawyer for a routine traffic violation may seem a little silly on the surface, but it can make a difference between paying large fines and having points put on your driving record. But is a lawyer the right choice for every traffic violation you encounter, especially if you know it is a legitimate ticket? And what situations should be handled by a lawyer that specializes in traffic violations?

Routine Traffic Violations

If you have never received a ticket in your life and then get pulled over for speeding, hiring a lawyer to fight the traffic violation may not be the best option. You can generally agree to take a driving course to have the ticket dismissed, or simply pay the fine and take a small hit to your driving record. But what about those drivers that have a long history of traffic violations? Those are the clients that may be able to benefit most from hiring a lawyer. 

A lawyer that focuses on routine traffic violations will likely focus on technicalities that can get a ticket dismissed. However, this will likely require that a mistake is on the ticket; otherwise it will not be dismissed. If there is not a mistake the attorney may be able to arrange a plea bargain, which can result in a lower fine and lower offense listed on your driving record.

Circumstances Where a Lawyer Should be Hired

There are two main circumstances where a person will want to hire a lawyer to represent them for a traffic violation: if the traffic violation resulted in injury or death to another person, or if the traffic violation was associated with driving under the influence. Both of these circumstances could result in criminal charges, which could lead to a sentence as little as a fine or as severe as jail time. Having an attorney represent you in court can help reduce the sentence you receive. However, one of the most important things to consider is that an attorney can help ensure that your legal rights are not violated.

If you are questioning whether or not you need a lawyer for a traffic violation, consider meeting with a few in your area. A lawyer, such as Armstrong & Barrington PLLC, experienced in traffic violations will be able to tell you whether or not they believe you have a case and what your best options are for moving forward.