Three Ways a DWI Lawyer Can Help You

If you are arrested and charged for driving while intoxicated, you should always get the advice and council of a lawyer. The chances of a lawyer getting the charges dropped or winning the case at trial are not high, but they do provide valuable services to those who have been arrested for DWI. Most of the advantages you will realize with a lawyer will center on a plea bargain, and striking the best deal possible. The following are three ways a lawyer can help you.

A lawyer may be able to reduce or eliminate jail time

This may mean you only pay a fine, and serve no jail time. There are situations where a judge will be at his or her discretion to order jail time. This is true even for a first time offender. With the help of a lawyer, it may be possible to waive jail time and pay a fine with an education class aimed at preventing a second offense. Whether jail time is served and for how long a sentence you receive will depend upon the circumstance of the DWI. If there was property damage or bodily harm done, there may be extensive jail time hovering over your head. A lawyer may be able to mitigate a jail sentence.   

A lawyer may be able to save you money in fines

Even for a first time offender, the fines for a DWI can range from a couple of hundred dollars to thousand of dollars, and if this is your second or third offense, the fines will assuredly be in the thousands. Of course, depending upon your income, a fine may be very high or just a slight irritation to someone with a high income. A lawyer may be able to persuade a prosecutor that a lower fine is still an appropriate punishment.

Driving privileges may only be partially suspended

In some states, there will be a mandatory suspension of your driver's license, but even under these circumstances, a lawyer, if the law allows it, may be able to get you partial driving privileges. This is usually for those who need to drive as a part of their job. Some states will allow an individual to drive, but a court will require a breathalyzer to be installed in the car, so the engine will not start unless the driver passes a breath test.

The key element to getting needed help from a lawyer is to remain silent after your arrest. Admit no guilt, and let the arresting officer know you wish to speak to a lawyer. The more you say, the bigger hole you will be digging for yourself, and the more difficult you will make it for an DWI lawyer to assist you.