4 Things You Should Know About Swimming Pool Injuries

The swimming pool is meant to be a place for fun, but all too often it is the source of pain and suffering. This year, children and adults will become victims in the water. The consequences may be tragic, and events could very well force you to make a drastic decision based on a swimming pool injury this year.

1 - Drowning is a major cause of death in children.

Did you know that drowning is the second most common cause of death in children under 14? Thousands of children are injured in swimming pools and hot tubs each year, and this summer will be no exception. Not only do children tend to be weaker swimmers, but their bodies are also not designed to stay afloat with heavy heads and muscles that have yet to develop. For this reason, small children can drown in even the shallowest pools.

2 - Negligent pool owners can be held liable for injuries and drownings.

Unfortunately, many neighborhood, hotel and apartment swimming pools lack proper supervision. Even homeowners do not always follow the rules that come with owning a pool. Depending on your location, laws may require that pool owners have childproof gates and fences surrounding the pool. This lack of protection could result in injuries or drownings, and you may be eligible to receive compensation on this basis.

3 - You must be mindful, even when a lifeguard is on duty.

In spite of the fact that lifeguards are often on patrol at public swimming pools and water parks, drownings still occur. Supervisors may be distracted by other duties or even a cell phone. It takes just a few moments for a drowning to occur, so even a decent lifeguard could miss an incident as it happens.

4 - Not all swimming pool accidents result in death.

In fact, underwater incidents often lead to brain damage. The lack of oxygen one experiences underwater can have permanent consequences. Additionally, swimming pools are just one part of the problem. Drownings and injuries also occur as a result of boating accidents and may result in spinal cord injuries and other ailments.

If you do intend to seek compensation after a pool injury or tragic drowning, you need a lawyer with specialized experience and knowledge (such as those from Swartz & Swartz P.C.). Personal injury attorneys with experience dealing with swimming pool incidents understand local swimming pool laws, breaches of duty and adequate pool maintenance.