Three Things You Shouldn't Do During A Divorce

The cost and emotions involved in a divorce are enormous; it's an understatement to say that the process is difficult. This is why you are advised to get not only an experienced lawyer, such as Stimpson & Associates PC, but also a support group that can tide you through the whole process. You should even consider therapy. Otherwise, you may find yourself committing ludicrous – but costly – mistakes such as these three:

Lusting After Your Lawyer

It's understandable that you may feel very close to the one person who may seem concerned with your problems at this time – your lawyer. First of all, it's unlikely that your lawyer will acquiesce to such ideas. Even if you have genuine feelings for each other, a relationship at this time may complicate your divorce process; for example:

  • It may be illegal in your state – most states have regulations against such liaisons. In some cases, it may only be permitted if the relationship existed before you had a lawyer-client relationship.
  • Your lawyer may be forced to testify against you – if your partner learns of this relationship, then he or she may subpoena your lawyer to testify against you about the affair. The attorney-client privilege, which usually keeps your communications with the attorney private, may not help you in this case.

Getting Pregnant

First of all, there are states that do not allow couples to divorce if the woman is pregnant irrespective of who the father. You may be forced to postpone the proceedings or even to cancel your divorce proceedings until after the baby is born. This will cost you time and money.

Moreover, your state's laws may view your husband as the baby's father even if he isn't the biological father. This is usually the case if you deliver the child before the divorce proceedings are concluded. You may end up paying child support to a child who isn't clearly yours  

Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster. Pregnancy is also an emotional period in a women's life. Mixing these two things will complicate the divorce process, even without considering the legal ramifications. If you consider all these issues, it is much easier to avoid getting pregnant until after the divorce is finalized.

Splurging On Luxury

Divorce is an expensive affair. Some of the expenses include settling attorney fees, paying court (such as filing) fees, setting up a new household, and paying for counseling. Therefore, you shouldn't increase your expenditure unnecessarily. Even if you feel "relieved" for getting unhitched, this isn't the time to start booking vacations, moving to a pricier neighborhood, or splashing on a sports car. Moreover, you don't know how long your divorce may take, and you may run out of money before you receive the settlement check.