2 Major Reasons To Wait For Your Divorce To Be Through Before You Date

Whether you have been married for a year or 20 years, you will be single once again if you decide to get divorced from your spouse. Being single has its perks, and one of these is dating. Dating is not a bad thing after a divorce, but there are reasons you should consider waiting until the divorce is finalized before you begin this new chapter in your life. Here are two important reasons to think about as you begin preparing yourself for the world of dating.

It could impact child custody

Dating may seem innocent to you, however, it could have consequences on the way the court determines child custody in your case. This can occur if the person you are dating has a record of alcohol or drug abuse, criminal activity, or anything else that is derogatory. If your spouse finds this out, he or she could relay the information to the attorney representing him or her.

Your spouse's attorney could present information in court that portrays a negative picture of your boyfriend or girlfriend. When the judge sees and hears this information, he or she might stop you from getting custody of your kids. Judges will do this if there is reason to believe that this person might not be safe for your children to be around. Judges tend to look for the best interest of the children involved, and dating someone with a past might turn out bad for you.

You may not be emotionally ready for this

Dating may seem like a good idea to you for many reasons, but you may want to postpone this event until you are emotionally ready to date. Going through a divorce is similar to losing someone to death. It can be a very emotional time in life, and it often requires a process of grieving afterwards.

If you do not give yourself time to grieve and get over the feelings you are having, you might experience problems in the future. Adding a new person in your life may bring on confusion in your mind, and it might prevent you from working through the feelings you have.

Instead of rushing out to date, you may want to talk to a therapist about the way you feel. You may also want to join a support group for encouragement and help through this time.

Going through a divorce can be a long and exhausting process, and it often takes time to heal from this event in life. If you have any other questions about divorce, contact McKone & Unruh or another divorce lawyer in your area.