Three Tips For Victims Of Slip And Fall Accidents

Slipping and falling can be a common source of injuries, and while this type of accident may not seem like it could cause serious harm, it is possible for individuals to require intensive care following their fall. Not surprisingly, this can result in substantial medical bills and other expenses. While the law allows accident victims to pursue the party responsible for damages, you may not have the experience needed to know how to react to these situations. To this end, you should consider these three tips so that you are an informed accident victim following your slip and fall.

Report The Accident To The Property Owner Or Manager

It can be easy for individuals to assume that they were not seriously injured in their fall. However, there are some injuries, such as whiplash, that might take several days to start showing symptoms. Due to this fact, you should make sure to report your accident to the property manager as quickly as possible. The commercial liability policy will likely cover this type of incident, but the manager will need to prepare a report of the incident to submit the claim. When talking to the manager, make sure to avoid admitting blame for the accident, and request a copy of the finalized report.

Keep Detailed Records Of The Damages Stemming From The Accident

Having comprehensive records about the accident and the damages that you suffered can be an important step for ensuring that you are properly compensated. It may be necessary to prove the damages that you are claiming, and this can be difficult if you lack this documentation. As a result, you should make sure to retain any receipts or bills that you receive from treating your injuries, and this should include any travel expenses for seeking this treatment. Additionally, you will want to request payroll data from your employer showing the wages that you missed as a result of being absent due to the accident.

Understand That You May Not Have To Pay Out Of Pocket To Be Represented

Some individuals may be hesitant about pursuing a slip and fall case because they are under the impression that they will be unable to afford the services of an experienced attorney. Luckily, this is probably not the case, as personal injury attorneys are often paid on a performance basis. As a result, individuals that seek these services will not have to pay if the attorney is unable to collect compensation for the client. This type of arrangement can allow any slip and fall victims to have the representation that their case deserves.

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