Three Ways A Driver Can Be Held Accountable For Your Injuries In The State Of Nevada

In 2012, the state of Nevada passed a law against driving while distracted. Not only can you receive a ticket for this, but it can become a basis for a personal injury lawsuit. There are, however, several different ways a driver can be distracted that you should be aware of, such as:

Texting or accessing the internet while driving

Texting was the initial motivation for passing this legislation. The number of accidents directly related to texting while driving was becoming a problem across the country. The idea that someone could look down at their phone without being distracted made no sense at all, and something had to be done about it. Now it is against the law. Also, you cannot access the internet either. Generally speaking, this is no different than texting. Your eyes are diverted while your fingers are being used to navigate the web.

Talking on the phone while driving

The same holds true for talking on the phone. The simple act of talking on the phone while driving is considered a distraction. People may not consider a phone a distraction, especially if they have one hand on the steering wheel and the other with their phone to their ear, but the law still considers this illegal. If a driver gets into an accident, and the phone is within arm's reach, it is possible that a case can be made for the driver being distracted. It should be noted that headsets and other hands-free devices are considered legal.

Other distractions while driving

Although the law was passed to stop distractions from using cell phones and smartphones, now that there is a law against driving while being distracted, there are other distractions that a personal injury attorney can make a strong case for. At the top of the list is eating. Although there is no specific law against eating, if the food causes a distraction and this lead to an accident, the driver can be found at fault. A driver looking to his or her side to dip a french fry in ketchup can create a harmful distraction. Another example is grooming. Examples include putting on lipstick or combing your hair while looking in the rearview mirror.

Whether you have been hit by a distracted driver while driving your car, riding your motorcycle, riding a bicycle or even hit by a car as a pedestrian, if you suspect the driver was distracted while driving, this can be the basis for getting the compensation for your injuries. A personal injury lawyer should be consulted about the specifics of your accident.