Making It Through The Adoption Journey Without Losing Your Mind

The journey of becoming a parent doesn't always begin in a traditional manner. Sometimes, adopting a child to bring into the family is the path a family chooses to take. This process isn't easy and will require you to find some strength within yourself. So, how do you get through this long, drawn-out process without losing your mind? Here are a few tips that can help you maintain your sanity as you navigate the roads to adoption.  


You will have several questions along the way. Knowing where to find the answers that you need when you need them will help to take some of the stress off of your shoulders. If you have yet to begin the adoption process, take the time to really dig into information to learn as much about the entire process as possible.

Hire an Adoption Lawyer

You will need a team of professionals to help you through this time. Hiring an adoption lawyer will provide you with some peace of mind in knowing that you have someone working with you, fighting for you and that will be there when you need them.

Get Social

There are thousands of social groups for prospective and adoptive parents. These groups are there to support each other during the journey to adoption, as well as the support that you'll need during this life-change. Remember, many families have already been through all of this and will be able to provide you with the support that you need while you await the arrival of your child.

Keep it Real

If you are working directly with the birth family, do your best to keep it real – be yourself and show them who their child will be raised by. Show them that you are in this not only for yourself but to provide a loving, safe and healthy environment for their child to come home to.

Giving up the child for you to raise is likely the most difficult that they will have to do in their lives – understand this and be as kind, understanding, and patient as you can be. Your grace can make all of the difference in how all of this works out.

This journey is a long one, but it is the most rewarding journey you'll take in your life. Start learning, building your team and work to find the family that you are meant to have. For more information, contact a lawyer like Karen Robins Carnegie PLC.