Should I Hire A Lawyer For A Traffic Violation?

Have you recently heard commercials or read ads that state a lawyer can beat any traffic violation in court? Do you have a stack of unpaid tickets that you simply don't know what do to with? Hiring a lawyer for a routine traffic violation may seem a little silly on the surface, but it can make a difference between paying large fines and having points put on your driving record. But is a lawyer the right choice for every traffic violation you encounter, especially if you know it is a legitimate ticket?

Why Would You Need A Workers Compensation Attorney?

Workers compensation pays workers for lost wages and medical care if they are injured on the job. Their families are compensated if their injuries result in death. Accidents or injuries that are not work related are not eligible for this compensation. Employers agree to pay for lost wages and medical bills and in return cannot be sued for damages or be held negligent for the accident or injury. However, there are cases in which an employer may refuse to pay all or part of a workers compensation claim.

An Overview On Filing A Wrongful Death Claim

If a member of your family has died because of someone else's negligence, you may be able to commence a wrongful death lawsuit. These can be very difficult cases to prove, but there are laws that are out there to protect people who have died at the hands of another. The following article will give you a better understanding of how a wrongful death lawsuit works, and who can bring on a wrongful death claim.

Independent Contractor Or Employee: Why Does It Matter?

Every year around tax filing season, many workers will discover that their employment isn't quite what they thought it was. Companies, looking to save money, may classify a worker not as an employee but as an independent contractor. While this doesn't seem like a big distinction to the average person looking for work, it can have huge and expensive consequences to the individual.  So, why is it a big deal?  Because many employees who have been misclassified as independent contractors don't understand that they lose out on many benefits of being an employee.

3 Ways To Prove Your Slip And Fall Injury Case During Discovery

Being a victim of any type of injury can be challenging. The time it takes to recover, the amount of medical bills and time that is lost from work can simply be too much. You may need to file a lawsuit against the property owner to receive money for your losses. Knowing the ways to help prove your slip and fall case during the discovery stage of civil litigation may help strengthen your case.

You've Remarried, But It Turns Out Your Divorce Wasn't Final. What Now?

You're freaking out because you just discovered that your divorce was never actually finalized -- and you've been remarried for several years. What happens now? Unless your ex is likely to start fighting the divorce at this point, you shouldn't have any trouble overcoming this legal technicality. However, you may need to get legally married again. It's Not All That Uncommon You might be surprised to learn that finding out a divorce was never finalized happens relatively often.

Keeping Legal Documentation Safe Via Email Storage

Whether you're trying to preserve pictures from the events of your injury or a confession from a legal opponent, keeping your documentation and evidence safe may be harder than expected. Lost paperwork, corrupted files or even theft can make your case a bit harder to prove. With a few information saving and distribution techniques, your documents can persist through most troubles. Public And Low Security Options For Ease Of Access

3 Amazing Ways Normal People Get Arrested For Drug Possession

Average people assume they will never face drug charges. It's those guys caught in a back alley with a needle stuck in their arms or someone smuggling kilograms of narcotics across the border, who go to jail, right? In reality, everyday people come in contact with law enforcement on suspicion of drug possession. Here are three ways that normal Americans may unwittingly be arrested for possessing controlled substances. 1. Prescription Error